Announcement of our new Classic Jade Pro Acupuncture Needles

Announcement of our new Classic Jade Pro Acupuncture Needles

You will be aware of the massive movement in the country towards more eco-friendly products which are more sensitive to our environment in reducing pollutants and reducing waste and making what we can recyclable and the reuse of recyclables in manufacturing.

The acupuncture world is not immune to this trend either and being the UK’s largest supplier of acupuncture needles we have been working hard behind the scenes in the last couple of years to see what is possible for us to do to reach these aims.

We have many new initiatives coming down the line but our first move towards greater sustainability is the introduction of our new Classic Jade Pro needle. The Classic Jade needles are our plastic handle needle and I would like to explain what is different with our new Classic Jade Pro over our past Classic Jade needle.

General improvements

  • The needle shafts are now made using fully automated machines which are also responsible for sharping the tips. This new change means the sharpness of the needle tip is consistent time and time again unlike most other manufactures who’s process of sharpening still involves a considerable amount of manual work by humans.
  • The needle handle release mechanism has also been improved with our unique patented guide tube holding the needle and is now also an automated process. Our past Classic Jade needles used a unique holding mechanism which did away with the methods used by many other manufactures being either small plastic tabs to hold the needle in the tube or of late the use of a glue spot on the needle handle to glue it to the guide tube resulting in many occasions the release not being smooth and easy because too much glue had been used.

Environmental improvements


  • The past Classic Jade needles had been packed in five needles per flat with each needle being individually blistered with guide tube. The past packaging used is not fully recyclable, so we are the first company to introduce a new packaging using medical grade Glassine paper. Each needle with guide tube is in its own glassine packet. Glassine paper is environmentally friendly and is made from 100% sustainable managed forests and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. 


  • Our new Classic Jade Pro needles will be sterilised using the cleaner Gamma sterilisation process rather than the traditional Ethylene Oxide (EO) method. Gamma is a clean and safe method, so safe it is used in food production.
  • It also offers a greater shelf life to products sterilized this way being five years rather than the three years using EO. This means far less needles being wasted due to an early expiry.

This is a major change in the development of acupuncture needles and we are proud to be leading this pioneering development and invite you to join us in this manufacturing and eco revolution. We have made the decision not to continue to manufacture the past Classic Jade needles when current stocks have sold through and only offer the new Classic Jade Pro needles moving forward.

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