Intersurgical Medium Concentration Adult Oxygen Mask With 2.1m

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Intersurgical Ecolite adult medium concentration oxygen mask for use in oxygen and aerosol therapy is not only designed to be comfortable and lighter for the patient to wear but also more environmentally friendly with the elimination of PVC.

With the elimination of PVC in the Ecolite oxygen mask, the mask is 50% lighter and also dramatically lowered their environmental impact.

The Ecolite mask is design with many features to provide comfort to the patient when wearing.
The mask has an extended chin with two integral seals, this ensures a comfortable fit to a wider range of face shapes and sizes.
Designed to minimise the amount of rebreathed carbon dioxide the mask has exhalation ports. With no metal nose clip, the mask is MRI compatible and the soft face seals increase patient comfort.
The elastic holding the mask to the patient can be positioned under or over the ears. Below ear position eliminates trauma to top of ears.