HypacCool Instant Cold Pack Pro (300g)

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The HypaCool Instant Cold Pack Pro provides instant cold therapy without the need for any pre-cooling. This premium ice pack stays colder for longer than the Standard Instant Cold Pack providing extra relief from pain and swelling.

The cold pack is single-use and easily disposable. It activates instantly when squeezed, triggering a cooling chemical reaction. The Cold Pack Pro is ideal for use by sports teams and individuals on acute injuries, inflammation and swelling. Because it requires no pre-cooling for use, its ideal for any team or individual sport or any outdoor activity which takes place away from home or first aid facilities, including hiking, cycling, long-distance running, climbing, caving or kayaking.

  • Stays colder for longer than a standard cold pack
  • High quality ice pack that activates instantly when squeezed
  • Ideal for providing cold therapy to muscle and joint injuries including sprains and strains
  • Ready for use whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Ideal for sports and outdoor activities
  • Single-use and easily disposable
  • Weight: 300g