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CytoLax Regenerative Relief Pain Cream

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CytoLax Regenerative Relief Pain Cream

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CytoLax Regenerative Relief Pain Cream 100g SKU: 8-MO031
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  • Cytolax has an ideal blend of natural ingredients to soothe and relieve tense and contracted areas around the neck, shoulders, back and knees.
  • An easy to use cream containing carefully selected herbal extracts assists in improving blood circulation and strains caused by daily activities or physical exercise.
  • Our formulation contains four essential Natural ingredients: Arnica, Rosmarinus, Calendula, Melaleuca Free from Parabens, the extracts in this natural massage rub have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidising and antiseptic properties
  • Apply and Massage the affected area two to three times a day for maximum effect and comfort.
  • Non Staining and quick drying and can be used on Children above 6 years of age.