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Affinity Thermo Electric Blanket

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£40.20 £33.50

Designed specifically for use with massage couches, the Affinity Thermo Electric blanket will keep your clients comfortably warm during their treatments.  Ideal for use all year round whether it be gently warming up the muscles pre-massage or adding that extra bit of coziness over the winter months.

As well as benefiting the client, this super couch warmer has plenty of therapist benefits too:

  • It heats in seconds, which is a massive benefit to the mobile therapist with time pressures.
  • Rapid heating also means it doesn’t need to be turned on ahead of treating thus providing great energy savings.
  • It costs less than 2p per hour to run.
  • Adding this subtle heat under the client means you can turn down the thermostat in the treatment room making more comfortable working conditions for the physical therapist.


  • a generous length, removable power cable.
  • ergonomic hand controller which offers a flexible selection of heat and time options.
  • elastic corner straps to hold the blanket in place and ensure no slipping.
  • a number of safety cut outs to ensure safe practise.