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  1. Purell TFX Touch-Free Dispenser & Refills

    Starting at: £19.99

    • 1200ml high capacity refill
    • Transparent skylight makes it easy to see when it's time for a cartridge change
    • Blinking LED indicator shows when battery charge is low
    • Dispenser comes complete with wall fitting kit
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  2. Purell Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub

    Starting at: £1.89

    Provided in a compact and portable pot, the Purell Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub is highly effective along with your infection control. Combining both antimicrobial efficacy and proven to maintain skin health, the formulation has been shown to have exceptional antimicrobial efficacy. The gel mixture spreads easily while drying in seconds to allow healthcare professionals to continue with their work. Promoting exceptional hygiene and compliance, the hand rub conforms to a wide range of industry specifications making it ideal for use in healthcare environments.

    • Developed by an industry leader
    • Spearheads a total hand hygiene system that promotes infection control by maximising compliance.
    • Helps to maintain skin health
    • Compliant with EN 1500, EN 12791, EN 1040, EN 1276, EN13727, EN 14476, EN 1275 and EN 14348
    • Clinically proven to maintain skin health* * 4 week clinical study #2011-F10233, Akron, OH, February-March 2011.
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    Handex Handwash 500ml - Alcohol Free

    Regular Price: £2.10

    Special Price £1.80

    Introduced as part of your hand hygiene procedures, the Handex Handwash is an effectively solution in every environment. With an alcohol-free formula, this single bottle features a durable plastic container and pump dispenser for easy use. Active ingredients work to lock in moisture below the skin, even after frequent washing, while also allowing it to suit a wide range of ages.Handex is an ideal choice for busy receptions, nurseries and care homes with a compact size that sits easily next to any sink

    • A key part in your infection control regime
    • Alcohol free to prevent irritation
    • Locks in moisture to prevent skin drying and irritation
    • Easy to use pump dispenser
    • Volume: 500ml
    • Pack size: 1
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  4. Cutan Gentle Wash 1 Litre

    The Deb Cutan gentle wash is a formulated specifically for frequent use in healthcare environments.

    The Cutan gentle wash has a is a rich, creamy soft soap formula that contains a mild cleansing agents to keep the skin clean and fresh and light perfume leaves skin feeling pleasant after use.

    The Cutan gentle wash soap produces a rich, creamy lather to facilitate rapid and effective skin coverage. The Deb Cutan gentle wash comes in a 1 litre cartridge and is designed for use with the Cutan hand wash dispenser (PROB01HW).

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    Tork Elevation Dispenser

    Regular Price: £24.50

    Special Price £22.00

    The Tork hand care systems are high performance solutions suitable for all clinical and public areas. The 1L and 475ml systems include soap, hand lotion and shower gel which are dispensed in controlled doses. The sealed bottle and single use pump prevent the unhygienic practice of refilling thus eliminating the risk of product contamination. The bottles are designed to collapse as the bottle empties ensuring all the product is used and reducing volume for waste disposal. All products carry eco label accreditation and help you achieve your sustainability aims.


    Tork Elevation Liquid Soap Dispenser - White
    • 1L: 1000 doses per bottle
    • Arm lever version available for no-contact use
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  6. Tork Extra Mild Liquid Soap 1L

    Tork Extra Mild Liquid Soap new formulation is improved for an even better skin care
    . It is suitable for those who need to wash their hands frequently, such as medical personnel
    in hospitals, dentists etc. It is a very mild, creamy soap which is dermatologically tested.
    The Tork Extra Mild Liquid Soap is non perfumed and free from color to provide for frequent
    usage as well as reducing the risk of skin irritation

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  7. Softalind Pure 500ML Hand Rub

    Low-allergenic hand disinfection

    • Contains dexpanthenol, bisabolol and allantoin
    • Free of perfume and colourants
    • Active against bacteria (incl. mycobacteria) and fungi
    • Active ingredients per 100 ml solution:
      45 g ethanol (100 %), 18 g propan-1-ol
    • Tested according to EN 1275, prEN 12054/EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 14348, EN 1500, EN 12791


    • Can be used in perfume-sensitive areas
    • Reduced risk of allergies
    • Application time for hand disinfection: 
      Hygienic: 15 seconds / Surgical: 60 seconds
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    Hand Sanitiser 100ml (70%)

    Regular Price: £1.77

    Special Price £0.99

    Hand Sanitiser 100ml (70%)

    1 BOTTLE
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  9. Harmony Medical Hand Sanitiser Gel

    Starting at: £2.70

    The gel has 75% alcohol and also contains added Aloe Vera to leave your hands feeling smooth and sanitised.

    Our specially formulated hand sanitiser gel is a fabulous smooth clear consistency that provides an effective method of sanitising hands and killing germs and bacteria.  Coats your hands quickly and easily and rapidly dries leaving no sticky residue – perfect for on the go use or in environments with no running water at hand.

    Suitable for both home and professional use this product is used in many and diverse industries and environments, helping to keep people safer in their everyday lives.  In today’s world it is arguably more important than ever for the nation to keep their hands clean and sanitised.

    Compliant with BS EN1500 and BS EN1276.


    • Hand Sanitiser 5 litre Gel contains 75% alcohol
    • Includes Aloe Vera to leave hands feeling extra smooth and sanitised
    • Kills 99.99% of germs
    • Conforms to BS EN1500 and BS EN1276
    • Laboratory tested
    • Your own branding available at NO extra cost!
    • Fabulous pourable consistency
    • Fast drying with no water required
    • Handy 500ml or  5 litre easy to pour bottle
    • Screw in pelican plunger pump available, or simply pour into your existing dispensers
    • In stock for next working day delivery*


    Apply a moderate but sufficient amount to your hands and rub in well, taking care to full cover all areas including finger nails and between the fingers.

    Allow hands to air dry

    Remember that any subsequent use of towels or paper tissues may lead to re-contamination of bacteria.

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  10. Best
    Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser 400ml

    The Deb Cutan foam hand sanitiser is a unique, high efficacy foaming alcohol instant skin sanitiser which rapidly kills 99.999% of many bacteria in as little as 15 seconds.

    The Cutan foam hand sanitiser contains moisturiser that helps prevent skin dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed after use. The perfume free and dye free formula has extremely low potential for skin irritation.

    Ideal for frequent use with very high user acceptability. This foam hand sanitiser is suitable for use in any environment where food is being handled.

    The hand sanitiser also contains conditioner to help prevent skin dryness. The rich foam is extremely pleasant for frequent use in-between hand washing, encouraging maximum compliance.

    Unlike alcohol gel sanitisers, the deb Cutan foam hand sanitiser does not contain gelling agents that leave the hands feeling sticky, particularly after multiple use.

    Please Note: This has been re branded at SCJ Johnson.

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    Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel

    Starting at: £1.10

    Clinell Hand Sanitising Gels contains a unique formula which combines a high concentration of 70% alcohol (WHO recommended) with additional biocides, thereby minimising the risk of alcohol tolerant bacteria developing. 

    The formulation also contains high levels of glycerin and aloe vera which helps to moisturise and condition the skin, preventing the dry, cracked hands so often associated with other alcohol gels

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  12. Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser - 1587 Washes - 1 Litre

    Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol foam for disinfection of physically clean hands. The foam prevents the dripping and splashing associated with using liquid alcohol sanitisers and unlike alcohol gel sanitisers, the product does not contain gelling agents that leave the hands feeling sticky.

    • Unique, high efficacy foaming alcohol instant skin sanitiser which rapidly kills 99.999% of many bacteria in as little as 30 seconds.
    • Contains conditioner to help prevent skin dryness.
    • For use with Cutan Hand Sanitiser 1000 dispensers.
    • 1587 hand washes per cartridge.
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