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  1. Sharps Container 11.5 Litre

    Regular Price: £8.99

    Special Price £6.95

    As low as: £4.50

    This multi-purpose polypropylene container features a robust pail handle for easy transportation when full. A wider aperture allows easy insertion of larger items. SHARPSGUARD® orange is a comprehensive range of containers for the disposal of sharps, excluding those contaminated with medicinal products and their residues. The container labels indicate that disposal should be by incineration or other authorised processes.

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    Azo Wipettes Hard Surface Bactericidal Wipes x 200

    Regular Price: £5.50

    Special Price £3.99

    As low as: £3.25

    AZO™ WIPETTE is impregnated with 70% isopropyl. It is NHS approved and is widely used in healthcare and non health areas including food manufacturing. Extremely fast contact times from 15 seconds. Wipes are low-linting, strong and durable for everyday use and do not leave streaks on hard surfaces. 200 wipes per pack.

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    Clinell Hand Wipe Wall Dispenser

    Regular Price: £7.20

    Special Price £5.95

    • Clinell Wall Mount Dispenser for Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes
    • Can either be screwed directly into the wall or securely attached using the adhesive strips on the back
    • Ensure your wipes are always to hand when you need them
    • Easy to load, refill and dispense
    • Designed for CAHW100
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    Cotton Wool Balls-Non Sterile (All Sizes)

    Starting at: £1.34

    A product that conforms to the British Pharmacopoeia monograph and is suitable for a wide variety of clinical and personal uses.

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  5. Sterilised Cotton Wool Balls

    Cotton wool balls for applying ointments and general skin cleansing applications Sterile format means they are safe to use on a patients skin thats broken or irritated Can be used as padding or for applying ointment Sterile wrapped for added peace of mind Supplied in packs of 200 – 40x5.

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    Cutan Hand Gel Sanitiser 400ml

    Regular Price: £6.70

    Special Price £4.98

    The Deb Cutan gel hand sanitiser is a unique alcohol gel instant skin sanitiser which kills 99.999% of many bacteria with added conditioner to help prevent skin dryness.

    The Deb Cutan gel hand sanitiser is specially formulated with ethyl alcohol and propyl alcohol, to rapidly disinfect physically clean skin.

    The gel hand sanitiser starts working immediately to rapidly ill bacteria, yeast and moulds and dries in approximately 30 seconds to leave skin sanitised and pleasantly conditioned.

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  7. Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser 400ml

    Regular Price: £5.95

    Special Price £4.99

    The Deb Cutan foam hand sanitiser is a unique, high efficacy foaming alcohol instant skin sanitiser which rapidly kills 99.999% of many bacteria in as little as 15 seconds.

    The Cutan foam hand sanitiser contains moisturiser that helps prevent skin dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed after use. The perfume free and dye free formula has extremely low potential for skin irritation.

    Ideal for frequent use with very high user acceptability. This foam hand sanitiser is suitable for use in any environment where food is being handled.

    The hand sanitiser also contains conditioner to help prevent skin dryness. The rich foam is extremely pleasant for frequent use in-between hand washing, encouraging maximum compliance.

    Unlike alcohol gel sanitisers, the deb Cutan foam hand sanitiser does not contain gelling agents that leave the hands feeling sticky, particularly after multiple use.

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  8. Clinell Universal Wipes

    Starting at: £1.31

    Clinell Universal Wipes are multi-purpose wipes for surface cleaning and disinfecting of non-invasive medical devices. Wipes contain a mix of biocides with a unique, patented antimicrobial formula that can be used as a skin friendly, disinfectant and detergent wipe – replacing the need for multiple wipes and surface cleaners. 

    Get a FREE Clinell wall mounted dispenser when you buy 1 pack of 200 wipes. 

    1 dispenser per order. 

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  9. Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel

    Starting at: £1.15

    Clinell Hand Sanitising Gels contains a unique formula which combines a high concentration of 70% alcohol (WHO recommended) with additional biocides, thereby minimising the risk of alcohol tolerant bacteria developing. 

    The formulation also contains high levels of glycerin and aloe vera which helps to moisturise and condition the skin, preventing the dry, cracked hands so often associated with other alcohol gels

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  10. Non Sterile Cotton Buds-200 Per Pack

    Universal double head cotton tipped applicators.

    200 per pack.
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