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    Bosu Balance Trainer

    • The BOSU can be used for or with: Sports Conditioning (both aerobic & anaerobic) - Stabilization, Agility Training - Strength, Stability & Flexibility Training for the Trunk - Strength for the Entire Body.
    • Ability to be used both dome or platform side up with hand positions integrated into the platform and has the widest range of stance options when standing on the dome.
    • This BOSU is also compatible with the BOSU POWERSTAX
    • Measures 65 cm in diameter and 25.4 cm (10 in) high when fully inflated
    • Made out of latex-free, burst-resistant material and has a maximum loading of 300lb (136kg)
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  2. Vinyl Kettlebell

    Starting at: £12.00

    The Vinyl Kettlebells feature a durable and smooth finish, along with a comfortable handle to provide you with the comfort and grip for an efficient workout. Additionally, the anti-slip base protects your flooring both during training and when stored away safely.

    Looking for different weights? Give us a call.
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  3. TheraBand Flexbar

    Starting at: £17.50

    Thera-Band FlexBar is a flexible, durable resistance device with a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use.  It is used to improve grip strength and upper extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement. It has been research-proven effective for Tennis Elbow, offering a cost-effective treatment that requires no injection or expensive equipment.

    The yellow Thera-Band FlexBar takes 2.73 kg of force to bend to a u-shape, Red - 4.55 kg, Green - 6.82 kg, and Blue - 11.36 kg.


    • Lenght: 30 cm long
    • Diameter yellow light 3,50 cm
    • Diameter red middle 3,81 cm
    • Diameter green firm 4,45 cm
    • Diameter blue extra firm 5,08 cm
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  4. Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Balls

    The acupressure ball set is supplied with a full colour basic instructional leaflet showing the recommended colour ball for use on each body area - yellow (low intensity) orange (medium intensity) or red (high intensity).

    Once you have chosen your preferred 66fit ball position it on the affected area. Place the ball on the floor and roll on it to treat lower back and glutes pain. For shoulders and upper back massage the ball can be placed between the body and a wall. Alternatively, to relieve neck and shoulder tension simply hold the ball in the palm of the hand and roll.

    Use the balls pre workout to warm up muscles and prevent cramping, and to target sore tight painful areas post exercise.

    The trigger point massage balls are proven to be particularly effective on sciatic nerve pain and are also widely used in pilates.


    • The Set of 3 Acupressure Massage Balls is designed for effective trigger point release and acupressure massage.
    • The acupressure massage balls come in three colours, yellow, orange and red each having a different density
    • The massage balls effectively target tense painful areas and using the application of pressure help release muscle aches and pains
    • The smooth easy to hold acupressure balls are presented in a carry anywhere plastic tube making them portable and easy to store
    • Use both before and after exercise


    Colour: Yellow (Low Density) Orange (Medium Density) Red (High Density 
    Product Dimensions: 6cm (each)
    Material: PVC
    Presented In: Clear tube with full colour instructional leaflet.
    Packed Weight: 299g
    Made in Taiwan

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  5. Balance Pods + Pump

    Whether you are recovering from an accident or injury or just getting fit these inflatable domes are a great fun addition to any rehabilitation or exercise programme.

    Use them to work on balance, coordination and motor skills as part of your recovery or general fitness regime. Regular use will help strengthen weakened muscles especially in the lower legs and feet increasing flexibility as you go.


    • The Spiky Balance Pods are a fun way to enhance your overall balance, core conditioning, flexibility and motor skills.
    • This set of two inflatable balance pods may be used flat side down for a moderate workout or simply flipped over and used pebbled side down for a tougher challenge.
    • Use the balance domes individually or step from one to another as required.
    • The spiky balance pods have proven effective in recovery from foot and ankle injuries but they may equally may be used as part of any existing exercise regime.
    • The two inflatable balance domes are supplied with an inflation pump. Simply inflate or deflate the pods to increase or decrease difficulty.
    • Includes free downloadable balance training ebook with exercise videos available from the manufacturer's website

    Colour: Blue
    Contents: 2x Balance Pods 1x Inflation Pump
    Downloadable: Free Balance Training Ebook
    Main Materials: PVC/ DPHP
    Presented In: Colour Box 
    Packed Weight: 862gms

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  6. Ab Roller Wheel With Kneel Pad

    Get the abs you have always wanted with the  Ab Roller, a simple proven tool to tone your abs, back, arms and shoulders - perfect for home use, and compact enough to take your workout with you! 
    Unlike conventional core exercises, using the abs roller tones the muscles in the lower abs as well as the core, helping you to achieve real definition.


    • The 66fit Abdominal Roller Wheel is designed to build strength and definition in your abs, back, arms and shoulder muscles
    • The compact design makes the abs roller portable and easy to use at home, or take with you to the gym or for a workout anywhere
    • Ergonomically shaped thick foam handles ensure comfort and a good grip on the abs wheel, providing stability whilst in use
    • Two high quality easy-glide wheels roll simultaneously to reduce wheel wobble and help you control your workout
    • Includes a free kneel pad made from thick EVA foam to provide comfort and support regardless of operating surface

    Please Note: This exercise is not advised for people with lower back problems, hernias or when pregnant.


    Colour: Black 
    Box Dimensions: 6cm x 26cm x 22cm 
    Colour: Black 
    Main Material: PVC Plastic 
    Presented In: Colour Box 
    Packed Weight: 850gms

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  7. Peanut Spiky Massage Ball/Roller

    The spiky lower back massage roller is a robust therapeutic roller which adapts to the body’s individual contours during use to boost circulation, relax muscles and provide relief from tension.

    Pointed spikes penetrate deep into tired aching muscles to effectively stimulate blood flow and reduce muscular pain and discomfort.

    Simply roll the uniquely shaped massage roller in different directions as required over the affected area.  The ergonomically contoured design means that this ‘peanut-shaped’ massager fits and adapts to all body shapes and sizes.

    Alternatively place the spiky back roller between your targeted body area eg lower back or buttock and a hard flat surface eg floor or wall and rock back and forth for a stimulating yet relaxing therapeutic massage experience.

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  8. TheraBand Soft Weights

    Starting at: £13.01

    Soft weighted balls designed for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training, and mobilisation. The soft ball design provides a lower risk of damage or injury if the ball is dropped, and promotes functional grip strength development. The balls are constructed from a PVC shell with steel and polypropylene pellet filler in a progressive range of weights and colours. The 11cm diameter balls support one or two hand activities, and are comfortable to hold. They provide a portable workout anywhere.

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  9. RockTape RockFloss 5cm Width

    Regular Price: £15.00

    Special Price £8.99

    RockFloss is a new, reusable mobility tool that can help you move better and with less pain. RockFloss is a simple, latex, elastic band that fits easily in your gym bag or backpack. It’s easy, convenient and reusable. 
    • Unglue sticky and stiff muscles 
    • Reduce muscle and joint pain 
    • Improve flexibility 
    RockFloss uses the science of compression and fascial shearing to help ‘unstick’ muscles and joints so they move better and with less pain. 
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  10. Therapeutic Hand Putty

    Starting at: £2.95

    Physio & Medical colour coded resistive hand exercise putty is designed for hand therapy through strengthening exercise regimes, for those who are suffering from arthritis, repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel or are recovering from a  hand injury or operation. Strengthening the joints, tendons and muscles in the lower to mid-arm area will improve your strength performance and significantly help prevent painful long lasting injuries.

    Indications for use:

    • Used commonly for hand therapy.

    Product Features & Benefits:

    • A great strengthening aid that can be stretched, squeezed, twisted and pinched.
    • Can be used in the rehabilitation of hand and finger injuries including dislocations, fractures, strains, sprains, after hand surgery, or for maintaining mobility in fingers and hands affected by rheumatoid conditions.
    • Five different colour coded resistance levels.
    • Combine colours to create a custom resistance to meet the individual's needs.
    • It is suitable for all ages and a wide range of conditions.


    We stock Physio & Medical Putty in 3 sizes

    • 2.3kg - ideal for dispensing to your patient.
    • 454g
    • 56g 

    Which resistance?

    • XX Soft = Tan
    • X Soft = Yellow
    • Soft = Red
    • Medium = Green
    • Firm =  Blue
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