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  1. Blue-Point - Heel Wedge With Soft Centre

    Starting at: £9.90

    Shock-absorbing Silicone Gel Heel Wedge absorbs impact and shock at the heel of the foot. Slimline design ensures fit all shoe types, including ladies shoes, running shoes and football boots.Heel Raise design also relieves strain on the achilles tendon.

    Softer silicone blue dot under heel centre maximises shock absorption and comfort at point of impact.

    High quality gel will not deform or degrade with use.

    Heel Wedge recovers its shape completely and wont bottom out over time.

    Sold in pairs.

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  2. Heel And Lace Pads (Box Of 2000)

    Regular Price: £20.99

    Special Price £18.25

    As low as: £14.98

    • Individual foam pads applied to the skin prior to taping to help prevent chaffing and blisters in friction prone areas.
    • Hold in place with skin lube to ensure there are no taping hot-spots.
    • Perforated edges for ease of use.
    • Pad size 7.5cm x 7.5cm.
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  3. Mueller Pro Heel Cups

    Starting at: £8.70

    Mueller Pro Heel Cups are the re-branded Tuli's Pro Heel Cups which are maximum protection shock absorbing heel cups. The larger waffle pattern absorbs the primary force while the smaller pattern absorbs the high pressure and final force of heel strike.

    Mueller® pro heel cups help prevent injury and pain related to shin splints, heel spurs, back pain, ankle pain and other heel injuries.

    Regular = under 175lbs/80kgs Large = over 175lbs/80kgs
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  4. Gypsona BP Plaster of Paris Bandage

    Starting at: £1.50

    Gypsona® BP Plaster of Paris Bandage is made from a specially woven leno cloth, uniformly impregnated with the finest quality, fast-setting plaster of Paris that produces an even cast with an excellent finish. The bandage is spooled on a round core for superior bandage and stability whilst handling. Moisture resistant packaging improves the protection of the bandages prior to use.

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  5. Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cups

    Starting at: £6.00

    Tuli's Heel Cups are the #1 Podiatrist recommended Heel Cups in the world. Nothing works better or lasts longer than your Tuli’s Heel Cups. They are literally shock absorbers for your feet!

     Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel Cups are twice as thick as Tuli’s Classic Heel Cups and offer you the maximum performance and protection when you need it the most. 

    Our Heavy Duty Heel Cups additional thickness and support work best in: athletic shoes, cleats, work boots and more spacious lace up shoes.

    Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel Cups offer all the comfort you expect from our Classic Heel Cups, and also deliver the heavy duty protection you need from heel strike pain during sports activities such as volleyball, soccer, basketball and tennis.

     Sizing for the Best Fit

    Small- Best for children under 80 lbs.

    Regular – Men’s shoe sizes 7 and under. Women’s shoe sizes 9 and under. (Weight up to 175 lbs.)

    Large – Men’s shoe sizes 8 and up. Women’s shoe sizes 10 and up. (Weight over 175 lbs.)

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  6. Sorbothane Cush N Step

    Starting at: £4.34

    Sorbothane insoles help to mitigate the effects of shockwaves produced during exercise which can lead to issues such as knee, back & joint pain, tendonitis and stress fractures. Enhancing the body’s natural defence mechanisms, Sorbothane absorbs 94.7% of shockwaves by dispersing them laterally rather than up through the body.

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  7. New
    Limpeeze Medi-Pack

    Limpeeze - First aid kit for feet.

    Limpeeze is a handy sized resealable pack containing a selection of self-adhesive pads designed to reduce pressure and friction on the active foot.

    Perfect for kit bag, handbag or suitcase.


    • 2 Toefoams for Rubbing & Toe Pressure
    • White Felt for Pressure Deflection
    • Pink Foam for Shock Absorption
    • Pink Felt (Thin) for Friction & Rubbing Areas
    • Hypoallergenic Adhesive Tape to hold pads in place
    • 2 Sterile Adhesive Island Dressings for areas of broken skin
    • Resealable waterproof pack for continued use

    Developed by a leading UK Podiatrist, the Limpeeze Medi-Pack has been carefully developed to aid in the relief of corns, hard skin, heel pain, blisters and toe pressure pain.

    All items have been packaged in a handy resealable pouch which has been designed to easily fit in your sports bag, handbag or car glove compartment.

    RRP: £7.50

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  8. Hapla Foam-O-Felt

    Starting at: £18.50

    Pure 100% wool felt bonded to a closed cell latex foam surface - absorbs pressure and cushions impact.
    Ideal for older patients’ feet where 
    the natural fibrofatty tissue has 
    broken down, particularly over the 
    metatarsal heads and the heel.
    Adhesive backed.
    Pack Size: 4 Sheets.
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  9. Silopad Digital Caps

    Starting at: £11.50

    Digital Caps are a soft, comfortable, and stretchable fabric cap fully coated with Silipos® gel. The gel slowly releases a medical grade mineral oil to help soften and moisturise the skin. Digital Caps are ideal for relieving pressure and friction on the affected toe or finger. This product is washable and reusable.
    Product Features and Benefits:
    •  Relieves pressure and friction.
    •  Relieves painful ingrown toenails, corns, hammertoes and toe tips.
    •  Fully lined with medical grade mineral oil gel to surround, soothe, moisturise, and protect.
    •  Fits toes or fingers and can be cut to size.
    •  Mesh fabric offers greater compression.
    •  Hypoallergenic and latex free.
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  10. Silopad Digital Pads

    Starting at: £12.00

    Digital Pads are a comfortable fabric sleeve containing a medical grade mineral oil gel pad that releases conditioning oils onto the skin to help soften and moisturise. Slip the digital pad over a toe or finger, placing the gel pad directly over the affected area to ease discomfort immediately. This product is washable and reusable.
    Product Features and Benefits:
    •  Protects toes and fingers from friction and abrasion.
    •  Helps to alleviate footwear pressure on toes.
    •  Moisturises, soothes, comforts, and protects.
    •  Use where corns, calluses, or hammertoes cause discomfort.
    •  Hypoallergenic and latex free.  
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