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Classic4 Acupuncture Treatment Unit And NMS

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Classic4 offers you:

• Ability to treat different patterns with different electricity parameters

• Capable of tonify one channel and sedate another channel at the same time

• Acting concurrently as electro-acupuncture stimulator and TENS / MNS unit

• Unique output modes selection:

o Single Mode – the parameters of the four channels are independent of each other and controllable by the user.

o Paired Mode – The four channels are arranged in two pairs (CH1 & CH2) and (CH3 & CH4) and the pulse pairs are simultaneous to within 20 microseconds.

o Sync Mode – The four channels are synchronised in time and share the same parameters.

o Sequential Mode.

• Compact and Elegant design

• Expandability

The Classic4 stimulator that Puts You in Full Control

Other Features:

* Classic4 offers four output channels that can stimulate up to a total of eight needles, or four pairs of electrodes.

* Classic4 offers a wide frequency between 0.5 Hz and 200 Hz, in 24 pre-set settings:

* The outputs can be symmetrical biphasic or monophasic up to 60mA across a 1K resistive load, with an adjustable pulse width of 64, 128, 192 or 256 microseconds.

* The outputs is locked to 20mA by default for acupuncture stimulating.

* Channel short-circuits protection.

* Audio signals to indicate operational error and end of treatment.

* 25 Pre-set programmes.

* 8 user defined programmes.

* Large back-lit LCD screen 128 x 128 dots.

* Small and compact design.

* Can be used from main power via AC/DC adaptor.