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  1. Pointer Plus

    The Pointer Plus is an accurate and easy to operate hand held acupuncture or trigger point locator that incorporates an effective push button stimulation feature which may be used for the treatment of the point or area immediately after detection.

    The Pointer Plus is comparable to a TENS unit insofar as both devices stimulate nerves electrically by transmitting current through the skin to relieve specific types of pain such as chronic, acute and post-operative pain.

    MDD CE0197

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  2. Premio 30 Laser Duo

    Out of stock

    Premio 30 laser duo with wobulation.

    The bio stimulation with Infra-Red soft Laser

    • Acupuncture
    • Reflexology
    • Auricular therapy


    • Tonification
    • Dispersion
    • Harmonisation
    • Scanning according to the 7 Nogier frequencies


    Wavelength: 905nm infrared emission.

    Beam: emitted as short impulses of high peak power.

    Power: adjustable, 15 or 40 Watts adjustable depending on desired depths, superficial & deep.

    Application time: 30 seconds to 1 minute for each point.

    Battery: Rechargable, 10 hours working time.

    Supplied with:

    • Premio 30 laser duo
    • Specific laser key
    • Test laser box
    • Battery charger
    • Protective goggles
    • Instruction manual
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  3. NeuroTrac MyoPlus Pro

    New and Improved touch-screen with full colour display. The new user friendly interface makes it a self-explanatory unit with the interactive learning on the go, including electrode placement, running EMG graph as well as many other helpful tools.

    Do you get VAT relief?  Call us on:  (0)208 5187337

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  4. NeuroTrac TENS

    • Basic Digital Dual channel TENS machine for Pain Relief.
    • Simple and practical for wide range of Pain management techniques.
    • Modalities: High and Low frequency, Burst, Continuous and Modulated. 11 Preset programmes, 3 Customisable TENS programmes.
    • Lock mode function to measure and record the home compliance (mA and time used).
    • Clear bright backlight LCD allows the display to be read more easily in low light or dark conditions.
    • Keypad with bigger buttons for ease of use.
    • Compact, light and reliable.

    Model number: ECS300A.

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  5. TPN 400D Birth Assist

    Regular Price: £55.00

    Special Price £54.50

    Introducing the Birth Assist Obstetric TENS which is designed to bring the drug-free benefits of TENS to pain management. The Birth-Assist is a dual channel unit which incorporates durability with simple operation. Output can be adjusted to each pair of electrodes in response to the patients degree of site pain. The hand held boost control allows for extra pain relief when switched from normal to burst mode to continuous mode with a gradual 3 second 10% lift in power. Features

    • Digital design gives great accuracy
    • 10% power boost in contraction mode
    • Hand held trigger for burst mode
    • Digital display
    • Easy to use
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  6. MedFit Blue Sensitive Electrodes 5x5cm

    Resists dry out
    Delicate for the most sensitive skin
    Lifts easily from the skin after use
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  7. Med-Fit Blue Electrodes for Sensitive Skin 5x9cm

    • 50mm x 90mm
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Resists dry out
    • Delicate for the most sensitive skin
    • Lifts easily from the skin after use
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    Homecare Therapeutic Portable 1MHz Home Ultrasound Machine-Pulsed And Continuous Output

    Regular Price: £88.50

    Special Price £80.20

    High quality therapeutic ultrasound delivers the same output as used by physiotherapists and healthcare professional in sports therapy. Brilliant reliable product with lots of interesting functions at an affordable price. 

    • Relive Pain 
    • Helps reduce inflammation fast 
    • Ideal for reducing scar tissue 
    • Sports injuries - Neck & shoulder pains, ankle injuries, groin injuries hamstring strains and much more 
    • Sciatica pain, arthritis pains and joint pain 
    • Cellulite reduction

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  9. New
    Med-Fit Globe Wireless Dual Channel TENS & Neuromuscular Stimulator

    Regular Price: £108.33

    Special Price £79.99

    NO BATTERIES REQUIRED – Fully rechargeable batteries in both the remote unit and the TENS modules SAVES £££’s

    Charge the units from any mains socket (Adaptor supplied as standard) or charge from your computer (USB lead supplied as standard)

    Specially designed buttons stops accidental intensity control movement (unlike other devices)

    Supplied with three different sizes of electrodes

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  10. UROstim 2

    Treatment with UROstim significantly improves the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and sphincter muscles.

    UROstim includes 7 pre-set programs for each kind of patient:

    * Urge incontinence

    * Stress incontinence

    * Mixed incontinence

    * Anal incontinence

    * Sensitive program

    * Pain program

    * Acupuncture type stimulation (SANS)

    UROstim offers the option to save own settings in 7 extra programs.

    It can be used with vaginal or anal probes but is also effective with self-adhesive electrodes. Clinical tests and studies confirm that electro-stimulation with UROstim is an effective therapeutic option for the treatment of incontinence.


    Digital 2 channels electro-stimulation unit for the treatment of incontinence.

    7 programs for therapeutic diversity.

    7 free programs for own settings.

    SANS stimulation.

    Integrated AKS (controlled output short circuit) for enhanced skin protection.

    To be used with self-adhesive electrodes or vaginal/anal probes.

    Retrievable operating parameters to check if patients have used the unit as directed.

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