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Cutan 1000 Green - Mild Antibacterial Soap - 1 Litre

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Cutan Anti-Bac Soap is a mild soap which is ideal for frequent use. Biocidal actives provide an antimicrobial performance for extra protection. Benefits of Cutan Anti-Bac Green Soap:

  • High Emolliency formulated specifically for frequent use in healthcare environments
  • Pleasant to use, rich & creamy soft soap
  • Perfume free leaves tainting on food
  • Mild cleansing contains mild cleansing agents to keep skin clean and fresh
  • Lather boost formula, produces a rich, creamy lather to facilitate rapid and effective skin coverage
  • Improves Compliance and is widely accepted by users means that hand washing is more likely to be conducted, improving hand washing rates
  • 1000 hand washes per cartridge