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  1. Double Headed Probes Straight And Angled

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    For the location & treatment of acupuncture points.

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  2. Angle Tip Probe

    Angle-headed probe with 2.3mm rounded ball tips for locate & treat acupuncture point on body and ear.

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  3. Straight Tip Probe

    • For locating and treating points, either ear points or body points and applying ear seeds.
    • Made of stainless steel. 6” (15cm) long octagonal shaped handle with a 0.1” (.3cm) diameter ball-shaped tip for inducing sensation and applying pressure to treatment points.
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  4. Pressure Feelers

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    A pressure feeler is a pen-shaped instrument with a spring-loaded tip designed to apply different pressure on the skin.

    These pressures are obtained at the middle stroke of the feeler tip.

    In Auriculotherapy, feelers are designed to find out, on the external ear, the points which are sensitive to pressure. The auricular examination is carried out in two parts: palpation of the two ears to detect painful area, then precise localization of painful points with a feeler. This pressure feeler method of detection is based on the principal of pain detection. It is easy to observe the pain reaction on the face, which the pathognomonic sign of the auricular technique.

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  5. Stainless Steel Probe (2.5mm)

    Stainless steel probe features handle with pyramid shaped ribbed surface and spring loaded probe, 11cm in length. Probe shaft is graduated for easy repeat of pressure. Ball shaped tip with 2.5mm diameter allows for safe use of the probe without puncturing the skin.

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  6. Eaku Moulded Plastic Handle, Drug Detox Needles

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    Moulded plastic handle made from the highest quality stainless steel.

    * Bright fluorescent colour handles for easy locating.

    * Thicker and longer (25mm) handle for easy handling.

    * Efficient package (5 needles per blister) ideal for detox protocols.

    * Perfect for 5 needle technique.

    * Ideal for detox clinics.

    * 100 pcs per box without tube.

    * Silicone coated.

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  7. Hand Needle Injector

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    • To be used with hand needles.
    • It is to assist the insertion of hand needles by using the gravity force.
    • Magnets on both ends to pick up, hold, and secure the needles.
    • Gravity: the weight of the plunger will drop, hence apply power to insert the needle.
    • Spring: the screw on the top can be adjusted up and down to control
    • the depth of insertion. The lower, the deeper.
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  8. AcuLux Disposable Seven Star Dermal Needles

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    One hammer with 12 pre-sterilised disposable heads for plum blossom needling and 2 head mounting/dismounting tools.

    Each head has seven 0.8mm diameter by 2.4mm long needles, with a 145mm long flexible handle.

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