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AcuNeo Acupuncture Pen

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AcuNeo is a new solution for quick accurate and virtually pain free needle insertion. With this innovative applicator it will allow you to work quickly and efficiently removing the need of extracting needles from its individual blister packs, fighting with either glue spots or messy tabs and guide tubs.

This applicator can be used for all types of acupuncture, body, ear, hand, etc. due to the variable depth penetration the applicator offers.

Simple, fast and safe handling

This practical needle applicator gives the practitioner a free hand with the application of the acupuncture needle being quick and not visible by the patient making this device ideal for treating children or people with needle phobias.

Flexible changeable cartridges which hold 70 sterile acupuncture needles of one size per cartridge with the needle handle being a Korean style spring handle.

The device has a separate sterile control guide which ensures that hygiene is maintained when using cartridges between patients. The same control guide is used to determine the penetration depth of the needle.


  • Practical needle applicator for quick and safe application of needles
  • Easy to use with just one hand
  • Cartridges available with different needle sizes
  • Particularly suitable for sensitive patients and children
  • Less packaging means less waste