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  1. Eaku Moulded Plastic Handle, Drug Detox Needles

    Starting at: £3.95

    Moulded plastic handle made from the highest quality stainless steel.

    * Bright fluorescent colour handles for easy locating.

    * Thicker and longer (25mm) handle for easy handling.

    * Efficient package (5 needles per blister) ideal for detox protocols.

    * Perfect for 5 needle technique.

    * Ideal for detox clinics.

    * 100 pcs per box without tube.

    * Silicone coated.

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  2. Eaku Moulded Plastic Handle With Guide Tube

    Starting at: £4.95

    • Made by high-tech moulding technology for plactic, the guide tube and the handle are fusion-bonded bu ultrasonic technology, the mixing up of used needles and unsed needles can be prevented. 
    • Surgical stainless stellwire from Japan or Germany origin, automatic machine grinded needle tips to keep 100% comformity. 
    • Keeping the needle shaft in the centre of the handle with enough bonding strength, in order to get doctor's accurate insertion. 
    • Being easily seperated from a guide tube with rounded edges by single hand. 
    • Confortable feeling grip with ease and painless insertion. 

    100 pcs per box. 1 needle per guide tube. 

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  3. Eaku Stainless Steel Multipack

    Starting at: £21.50

    The new Eaku Multipack offers you high-quality Eaku needles in the familiar 10-needles-per-tube cluster packaging. Now you can enjoy quick and easy access to your needles and produce less waste. With 1,000 needles per box, the Multipack is a great solution for busy clinics.
    • Surgical stainless steel with spring handle.
    • Silicone coating for a easy and almost painless puncture.
    • 10 neeldes with 1 tube packed in blister.
    • Korean Style
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  4. Eaku Plastic Handle Without Tube

    Starting at: £3.45

    Eaku acupuncture needles without guide tube, 1 needle per blister.

    • Plastic handle
    • 100 needles/box
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  5. Eaku Intradermal Needles

    Starting at: £4.00

    Intradermal needles are effective for a variety of clinical applications. However, due to their size they are difficult to handle and are easily lost. Eaku Intradermals offer the practitioner convenient handling options and are easy to spot. Individually packaged, these intradermal needles set a new standard. 

    • Packaged 10 needles per flat (needles are blister-packed 2 per sheet) 
    • Made in China
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