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  1. AS SUPER 4 Digital Needle Stimulator

    Regular Price: £245.00

    Special Price £240.00

    AS SUPER 4 digital belongs to the newest generation of acupuncture needle stimulator. Modern design, highest technology, various parameters are combined in one unit.

    The electro acupuncture device AS SUPER 4 digital includes 30 fixed programs and 7 free programs for own parameter settings. HAN stimulation parameters are included for modern pain treatment.

    The intensity of the AS SUPER 4 digital can be set in steps of 0.1 mA for a totally secure electro acupuncture treatment.


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    Classic4 Acupuncture Treatment Unit And NMS

    Regular Price: £395.00

    Special Price £295.00

    Classic4 offers you:

    • Ability to treat different patterns with different electricity parameters

    • Capable of tonify one channel and sedate another channel at the same time

    • Acting concurrently as electro-acupuncture stimulator and TENS / MNS unit

    • Unique output modes selection:

    o Single Mode – the parameters of the four channels are independent of each other and controllable by the user.

    o Paired Mode – The four channels are arranged in two pairs (CH1 & CH2) and (CH3 & CH4) and the pulse pairs are simultaneous to within 20 microseconds.

    o Sync Mode – The four channels are synchronised in time and share the same parameters.

    o Sequential Mode.

    • Compact and Elegant design

    • Expandability

    The Classic4 stimulator that Puts You in Full Control

    Other Features:

    * Classic4 offers four output channels that can stimulate up to a total of eight needles, or four pairs of electrodes.

    * Classic4 offers a wide frequency between 0.5 Hz and 200 Hz, in 24 pre-set settings:

    * The outputs can be symmetrical biphasic or monophasic up to 60mA across a 1K resistive load, with an adjustable pulse width of 64, 128, 192 or 256 microseconds.

    * The outputs is locked to 20mA by default for acupuncture stimulating.

    * Channel short-circuits protection.

    * Audio signals to indicate operational error and end of treatment.

    * 25 Pre-set programmes.

    * 8 user defined programmes.

    * Large back-lit LCD screen 128 x 128 dots.

    * Small and compact design.

    * Can be used from main power via AC/DC adaptor.

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  3. Pointoselect Digital DT

    Please note, this machine is an order on demand item. Delivery can take up to 2 weeks to arrive from our supplier.

    An exact acupuncture point detector - also called acupuncture point searcher - is indispensable for localizing pathologically changed acupuncture points on the ear and body. This ideal point searcher provides sophisticated electronics on one hand and perfectly working mechanics on the other hand. 

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  4. E600 HAN Electronic Acupunctoscope

    The model E600 HAN Multi-Purpose Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope with 6 channel outputs is a newly designed unit using the latest advanced technology. Attractive, light weight, sturdy, clinical and hospital use professional device. It features with digital displays for all settings, to show the intensity, frequency, pulse width, and time of stimulation during operation, as well as numerical display to show the sensitivity of detection during the location of acupuncture points.

    It features with acupuncture point detection and stimulation by needles or electrodes. Specially designed with 6 different types of waveforms, in which the HAN waveform is also included. An unique design of search-to-treat probe is utilized in this device and allows immediate stimulation following its point detection.

    This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features in appearance, circuitry and accessories. It is one of the most powerful Acupuncture stimulators available on the market.

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