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  1. AWQ104L Digital

    Model AWQ-104L Digital Electronic Acupunctoscope with 4 outputs is a newly design unit, and features a digital display to show the frequency of stimulation during operation, and numerical display to show the sensitivity of detection during the location of acupuncture points. This unit is fully equipped with distinguished features both in appearance, circuitry and accessories. It's is one of the most powerful acupuncture stimulators available in the market.

    Features include:

    Digital display in Hz to show the frequency

    • Digital display in numerical to show the sensitivity during point detection

    • Four (4) output channels

    • New lC circuitry, no cross over

    • Polarity reversal switch for each channel

    • Sensitive point location with numerical display, light and sound indication

    • Loc/Needle/Stim switch for selection of point location (Loc), needle treatment (Needle) and direct stimulation by probe (Stim)

    • Hi/Lo voltage switch: Lo (low) for needles, Hi (high) for T.E.N S.

    • Continuous, intermittent, and dense-disperse (modulated) wave forms

    Accessories Pointer probe and hand grip probe. 4 connecting wires alligator type. 1 pc.9V battery 1 artificial leather carrying case 1 instruction manual

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  2. AWQ104E

    The AWQ-104E Multi-Purpose Electro Acupuncture machine is a new and improved, portable unit, replacing earlier AWQ models.

    Features include: Four outlets, enabling up to 8 needles to be simultaneously stimulated. Acupuncture point locator, with optional stimulation via locator probe. Frequency continuously variable from 1-1000 Hz, with dense-disperse, intermittent or continuous settings. Also: Polarity reversal switch for each outlet, low battery indicator, TENS booster switch. Supplied complete with 4 clip leads, point locator, 9 volt battery, carry case and comprehensive handbook.

    One year warranty. CE marked.

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  3. Pointer Pulse Laser and Pulsed T.E.N.S

    The Pointer Pulse is the next generation handheld locator/stimulator! The Pointer Pulse is the first all-in-one unit that combines laser therapy with electrical stimulation, allowing both methods of treatment to be used simultaneously or separately.

    The device measures relative skin resistance at the treatment location through sound as well as a green light indicator found on the top of the unit. Location sensitivity and sound level are adjustable.

    An effective push button adjustable stimulation offers immediate treatment. Based on the setting of the output dial, either milliamp or microamp current output is produced (ie, blue zone on the dial is milliamp).

    Laser therapy is administered using a 650 nm, 5 mW laser contained in the device. Three modes of treatment are available, selected by using a toggle switch located between the grounding plate and stimulation button: on (continuous laser beam), pulsed (10 Hz pulsed laser beam) and off (no laser beam). The device is successfully in laser mode when the yellow light indicator on the top of the unit is on.

    With its ergonomic design and single grounding plate, this device can easily be used with either the left or right hand. Probe tip is removable for easy cleaning. Accessories include a hand ground pole with attached wire, small screwdriver (for adjusting sound level), carrying case, and instructions. There is a 1-year warranty on this device.

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  4. ES-130 Palm-sized Three Channels Electric Stimulator

    It has the following features:

    • High performance and versatility are packed into a handy palm-sized unit.
    • Subminiature construction provides the smallest electro-acupuncture unit in the market.
    • Three output channels.
    • Low/High intensity settings - ¡§Low" for needles and "High" for magnetic electrodes. Broad pulse rate-500 pps maximum.
    • Safe, reliable and easy to use. The intensity of each channel is independently controlled. Pulse shape minimizes electric corrosion. The dial control enhances safety and ease of use. A built-in battery checker is included.
    • MDD CE-marked CE0123

      Standard Accessories: Soft carrying case 1 case, Lead wires - 3 pairs


      Pulse rate: 0-500 pps. Variable Intensity: Low setting: max 20 mA. High setting: 30 mA (1000 ohms test load) Pulse width: 100 microseconds Pulse shape: bi - phasic Output: 3 channels Others: Battery checker, Pulse rate indication Power Source: one 9V battery Size: 61 x96x27mm Weight: 200 gm

      MDD CE Marked


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  5. AS SUPER 4 Digital Needle Stimulator

    Regular Price: £245.00

    Special Price £240.00

    AS SUPER 4 digital belongs to the newest generation of acupuncture needle stimulator. Modern design, highest technology, various parameters are combined in one unit.

    The electro acupuncture device AS SUPER 4 digital includes 30 fixed programs and 7 free programs for own parameter settings. HAN stimulation parameters are included for modern pain treatment.

    The intensity of the AS SUPER 4 digital can be set in steps of 0.1 mA for a totally secure electro acupuncture treatment.


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  6. Electro Acupuncture Machine ES-160


    Power supply DC 6V , four(4) alkaline LR 14 batteries

    Number of channels 6, independently controllable

    Pulse shape Symmetric bi-phase rectangular pulse

    Current amplitude Stimulation by pen type electrode: 0-48 mA(peak)

    Electroacupuncture high:0-32 mA¡Ó 25%(peak)

    Low:0-16 mA¡Ó 25%(peak)

    Phase duration 50-400 ms, adjustable

    Timer 1-60 minutes

    Output modes and frequency:

    (1) Constant: 0.5 . 0.7 . 1-500 Hz

    (2) Burst: 0.5 . 0.7 . 1-7 bursts(carrier freq. 100Hz)

    (3) Surge: on time 4 sec., off time 6 sec, (carrier freq.5-500 Hz)

    (4) Fast+Slow: 1-500 Hz(slow freq.=fast freq./3)

    (5) Sweep: 1-500 Hz(slow freq.=fast freq./3)

    (6) Random prog.1: 1-6 Hz, preset program

    (7) Random prog.2: 30-100 Hz, preset program

    (8) Random prog.3: 2-100 Hz, preset program

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  7. Electro Acupuncture Machine AWQ-105 Pro

    The AWQ-105 Pro is the newest electro-therapy unit in the AWQ line, featuring 4 e-stim output channels and an additional channel dedicated to the search-to-treat probe.

    The 4 e-stim channels are separated into two groups (group 1 - channels 1 & 2, group 2 - channels 3 & 4) allowing each group to vary their frequency and pulse width independently. The unit also offers three pulse modes (continuous, modulate and burst), a hi/low voltage switch, 3 LCD displays, a 15/30 minute timer and built in anti-shock safety feature (note: timer and anti-shock alarm play a tune when triggered). The unit is powered by 6 C cell batteries or the included a/c adapter.

    Featuring a unique search-to-treat probe, the AWQ-105 Pro allows the practitioner to locate and immediately stimulate the point by using the probe's stimulation capabilities. Two interchangeable tips are provided for the probe, used for ear and body points. The probe measures 6" x 0.7" dia. and has a 6' long power chord.

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  8. Pointer Plus Excel II

    The digital display helps the user to locate the most accurate acupuncture or trigger point easily.

    The Pointer Plus Excel is a precise and easy to operate hand held acupuncture or trigger point locator that incorporates an effective push-button stimulation feature which may be used for the immediate treatment of the point or area following detection.

    The figure on the display increases with the lowering of the electric resistance of the skin, and when a maximum figure is reached, an acupuncture point is detected. In addition, the device is equipped with an adjustable frequency control from 1 - 16 Hz, and polarity reversal switch (for setting tonification or sedation.)

    The Pointer Plus Excel has similar function of a TENS unit which stimulates nerves electrically by transmitting current through the skin to relieve specific types of pain such as chronic, acute and post-operative pain.

    • Digital display

    • Point detection sound adjustment

    • Polarity switch

    • Interchangeable probes heads

    • Sensitivity adjustment

    • Electric pulse of 1 to 16 Hz

    MDD CE0197

    Please note,

    there is no extra probe/stim tip available with this product.

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    SPA Plate Electrode

    Regular Price: £5.99

    Special Price £3.95

    Connects to 2mm pin TENS connector for foot stimulation.

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  10. Hands Massanger Electrode

    Connects to 2mm pin TENS connector.

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  11. Stimex Electrode Socks

    Starting at: £12.50

    The Stimex socks provides stimulation of the entire foot and can be used instead of electrodes. It can be used in combination with electro-therapy devices and is ideal for home treatment. Each includes 2 snap adapters for TENS leadwires. 

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    Stimex Electrode Elbow Sleeve-One Size

    Regular Price: £35.99

    Special Price £12.50

    360 degree of electro-therapy to the entire elbow. Ideal for treating repetitive knee sprains from sports injuries as well as promoting blood circulatrion and reducing swelling. Conductive garments are an easy and effective alternative way of applying electro-therapy to either larger concentrated areas, more fragile and delicate areas and/or out of reach areas. Includes 2 connectors.

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